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Factors that Affect an Aircraft Appraisal Process

Appraising your aircraft needs to be one of your priorities, more so as time passes. You need to know its value, for purposes like getting its insurance, refinancing a loan, or planning to sell it.

An aircraft appraisal is an assessment of your plane by a third party to determine its value. After the assessment, there will be a written report that provides details that make up its quoted value, and explanations of how they arrived at those values. If you needed to sell it, for example, the report would give a buyer the details they needed to make up their mind. It should be noted that an appraisal is an independent and unbiased opinion of a professional appraiser, which holds true in such transactions and for the need to know of the plane’s value. You only need to make sure you work with a certified aircraft appraiser. You can receive opinions on the value of your plane from any source. You should be interested in one that matters, and affects the value of the plane. Do check out for you to learn more about aircraft appraisals.

The appraisal is affected by certain factors. For one, each plane is unique, even if they were produced in the same facility, and are the same make and model. Their operational environments and usage fenders them unique. Let us look at some of those factors in its operational environment.


The hours the engine has been operational, and the duration between maintenance run affects the appraisal. You can thus improve the plane’s value by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. For better results, have the appraisal done immediately after the latest maintenance run.

Any damage on the aeroplane will also affect the apparel results. The appraisers will note any dings, dents, missing parts, or any malfunctions on the plane. You need to attend to those before asking for the appraisal service.

The age of the airframe matters too in the process. You can replace and repair components on the plane to increase its value. But the core frame determines a significant portion of that value. It is the one thing you cannot change about the plane, and so will reveal its exact age, and affect the results.

The interior will also be inspected in the appraisal. The floors, seats, gauges, lighting, and other areas will be checked, down to details such as the color scheme, and aging of the surfaces. You, therefore, need to ensure the interior looks great and functions well for a better report. You'll want to get aircraft appraisal insight from

When you need such an appraisal done, it is best to hire the best in the business. Work with reputable, certified and highly experienced appraisal service providers. You can find them on this site. Get more insight into aircraft appraisal from this video:

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